Vacation Rental Cleaning: Benefits of Hiring a Professional

Vacation Rental Cleaning: Benefits of Hiring a Professional

Like it or not, cleanliness is one of the most important factors in getting good reviews from guests on your vacation rental property. Requiring guests to clean up at the end of their stay means leaving the first impression of your next guest in the hands of the previous guest. Considering that different people have different opinions of what clean really means, that is a big risk to take with your vacation rental. Let’s take a look at the benefits of hiring a cleaning company for your vacation rental.

1. You can charge a higher rate. Guests are on vacation. The last thing any guest wants is a long list of cleaning chores to do before they leave. Most guests are happy to pay a cleaning fee or a slightly higher rate to avoid the hassle.

2. Consistent and professional cleaning every time. You and your cleaning company will have an approved checklist of all cleaning tasks to be done between guests. When you know a professional team is handling your cleaning, you can feel confident that each new guest will have the same great impression of your sparkling clean vacation rental unit.

3. Avoid negative reviews. One of the worst reviews a vacation rental owner can receive is that the unit was dirty. Or even worse, that the guest felt they had to clean down the unit when they arrived to feel comfortable staying there. When potential guests see negative reviews about cleanliness, they keep scrolling and book elsewhere. A professional cleaning service is your best resource for avoiding these negative reviews.

4. Faster turn over of the property. Cleaning companies that specialize in cleaning vacation rentals know that fast and efficient turn over of your unit is essential. Their teams come in with the goal of the fastest yet most thorough clean possible.

5. Improve long-term maintenance of your unit. Dirt and grime can cause wear and tear over time, if not addressed properly. Professional cleaning prevents buildup of grime over time that can cause your vacation rental to fall into disrepair. The more well-kept your property is, the less frequently you’ll need to worry about the expense of major repairs.

When it comes to the competitive market of vacation rentals, you want to use every advantage you have to get as many bookings as possible. Building up a list of terrific reviews is a surefire way for your vacation rental to get top billing. With a good portion of negative reviews about cleanliness out there, you can jump to the head of the pack by partnering with a great cleaning company experienced with vacation rental cleaning.

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