Keep Pollen Season At Bay: 10 Tips For Your Cleaning Routine

Keep Pollen Season At Bay: 10 Tips For Your Cleaning Routine

As the warmer weather rolls in, the local flora prepare for spring by building up and releasing pollen, most notably the sticky yellow pollen of the plentiful pine trees along the Grand Strand. Pollen season doesn’t just make life miserable for the allergy sufferers in your home, but it also adds more dirt and grime to your cleaning chores. Now is the time to prep your cleaning routine for pollen season and get pollen-blocking habits in place before the yellow cloud of pollen dust hits.

  • Adjust your regular cleaning schedule and stick to it throughout pollen season.
  • Keep windows and doors closed to keep pollen blocked out, especially in the early morning and early evening hours.
  • Vacuum several times per week (depending on traffic in and out from kids and pets) with a vacuum featuring a HEPA filter to trap pollen particles and other allergy-inducing grime. You can also invest in an automatic robotic vacuum equipped with a HEPA filter to make this chore faster and easier.
  • For wood or laminate flooring, keep a dry sweeper handy for daily cleaning so you can save the deep clean for once per week.
  • Curtains can be a magnet for pollen and other allergens. Switch to easily washable curtains for the season and wash weekly. A great alternative is switching over to blinds that can be easily wiped down a few times per week or as often as needed.
  • Create a “shoes off zone” where shoes come off at the door to avoid tracking pollen and other grime through the house.
  • Create a “pet wipe-down zone” stocked with pet-friendly fur and foot wipes (or use a warm, damp cloth) to wipe down paws, tails and fur when pets come in from playing outside. This keeps the puppers from transporting pollen through the house on their feet and coat.
  • Don’t hang linens or clothes out to dry outdoors. Not only will your items pick up a yellow coating, you’ll be bringing a pollen bomb right into your home.
  • Remember that pollen is just as likely to collect on your clothes and hair as your kids and pets. If you spend much time outdoors, change clothes first thing when you return to the house to avoid spreading pollen that has collected on your clothing. And be sure to wash your hair after being outside to avoid depositing pollen all over your sheets and pillow cases.
  • Invest in an air purifier. Even with the best pollen control measures, those yellow grains can still slip into your home. An air purifier helps capture any pollen or other allergens that slip past your pollen season cleaning routine.

Preparing or switching over to your pollen season cleaning routine now helps you get ahead of the curve. Just in case someone in your home leaves a window open or you find yourself with a big yellow mess on your hands despite your best efforts, The Clean Up Club is just a phone call away! We can help you clean up any sticky (yellow pollen) situation and get your family back to breathing easy.

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