Commercial Cleaning Service: Restrooms and Employees 101

Commercial Cleaning Service: Restrooms and Employees 101

Whether or not your business has customers or clients who use your restrooms, cleanliness of this space is vital for your business. Restroom cleanliness impacts employees as well. Dirty bathrooms increase the likelihood of spreading germs like salmonella, norovirus, E. coli and seasonal germs like flu virus to your employees. These germs can cause serious illness and result in more employees out sick at the same time – not a good thing for your company’s bottom line.

Studies show that having employees handle office cleaning duties, including restrooms, reduces productivity and is harmful to morale. If you have a commercial cleaning service who handles these duties, you’re a step ahead. However, it’s still a good idea to share the restroom cleaning checklist you have in place with your cleaning service with your employees. But why?

1. Sharing the restroom cleaning checklist with employees gives them peace of mind that proper measures are taken to disinfect restrooms and protect their health and wellbeing.

2. The restroom cleaning checklist is a guideline employees can use to alert you if they notice something being overlooked.

3. Having a clear understanding of the cleanliness standards for the restroom makes them more aware of their own practices.

4. Being transparent about the restroom cleaning checklist empowers employees to ask questions, voice concerns or let you know if they see an item missing from the list.

5. Employees who have access to checklists like the bathroom cleaning checklist are more likely to let you know when supplies are low or have run out, notice and notify you of issues such as leaks or broken equipment. They feel more comfortable reporting these kinds of issues without worry that they sound like they’re complaining.

When you have a commercial cleaning service taking care of your office and restrooms, it might seem unnecessary to talk about the restroom cleaning checklist with employees. As you can see from the points above, being transparent about restroom cleanliness standards empowers and engages employees to be more proactive about helping you ensure those standards are being maintained throughout working hours too. They’ll also have the peace of mind of knowing that proper disinfection is part of the protocol to protect them from illness.

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