8 Quick Cleaning Tips for Homes with Pets

8 Quick Cleaning Tips for Homes with Pets

We all love our pets–we just don’t love their mess! It’s not just the normal shedding and dander but also dirt and mud tracked from outside, food-related messes and litter scattered around. We’ve got the top tips to help you keep your home with pets clean and fresh.

1. Keep up with a regular mani/pedi routine – Both cats and dogs should have regular and frequent feet cleaning and nail trim sessions. First, keeping their feet clean prevents the spreading of dirt and debris through the house. Second, keeping their nails trimmed helps prevent damage their nails could cause to flooring and furniture. Nails can create scratches or gouges that end up being a catch spot for dirt and dust to collect.

2. Add a lint roller to your cleaning supplies – Lint rollers aren’t just for your clothes! You can use them to de-fuzz curtains, lampshades, furniture and throw pillows.

3. Keep a spare pair of dry rubber gloves handy – For surfaces too fuzzed-up for a lint roller to handle, slip on a pair of dry rubber gloves. Slide your hand along the surface and the fur will clump up into a ball you can easily remove and toss in the trash.

4. Invest in a robot vacuum – There are a number of robot vacuums on the market to choose from (Roomba was one of the first). Invest in one you can set to run on a regular schedule and set it up to run daily! Just make sure to keep up on maintenance of your robot vacuum so it keeps doing the floor work for you instead of spreading more work all over the floor.

5. Blankets are great for your pet’s comfort and your cleaning list – Chances are that your furry family member has certain places they like to nap (and have a build-up of fur). Place a blanket or even a folded up sheet in your pet’s favorite nap spots. They’ll enjoy the comfort and you’ll enjoy just tossing it in the wash for easier clean up.

6. Set up the kibble area for easier cleaning – Whether you have a dog or cat, the spot where their food and water dishes live can become a major mess. Use a rimmed tray under the food and water dishes to catch the bits and drips where they dribble their kibble for a cleaner food and water station.

7. Keep a set of paw cleaning supplies by the door – During times of crummy weather, dogs are more likely to track in mud and muck on their feet. Keep a set of paw cleaning supplies by the door, such as paw wipes, towels, paper towels and of course, treats for your pup so they fuss less over paw cleaning when coming in from outside.

8. Place doormats inside and outside of your door – Even though your pup can’t exactly wipe his feet, the extra mat space gained from having door mats both inside and outside helps capture more dirt and debris from his feet so less gets spread through your house.

Keeping your home clean and fresh when you live with pets doesn’t have to be an endless chore! Our 8 tips help you keep your home cleaner easier so you can spend more time snuggling with your furry family member than cleaning up after them.

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