Vacation Rental Cleaning: Keeping Your Property In Rental Mode

Vacation Rental Cleaning: Keeping Your Property In Rental Mode

The first thing to understand about vacation rental cleaning is that it is very different from a standard home cleaning. Cleaning for vacation rentals is more akin to hospitality cleaning than house cleaning services. Hiring a cleaning company that understands the unique requirements for cleaning vacation rentals is key to turning over your property quickly between guests and giving you peace of mind that no detail is overlooked.

Visitors who choose vacation rentals expect the same level of cleaning and preparation for each new guest as a hotel would provide. They expect freshly laundered linens, fully stocked supplies, pristine dishes and special touches that feel fresh and welcoming.

Here are just a few of the extra cleaning and turn-over tasks that vacation rentals require over and above standard home cleaning services:

– Laundry: All bed linens, blankets, towels, washcloths, kitchen towels, curtains and window treatments (when necessary) will all need to be laundered between rentals. Depending on the length of the guests’ stay, it may be necessary to maintain laundry during rental periods that span several weeks.

– Dishes: Ensure that all dishes are clean, dried and organized intuitively – even dishes that the previous guest may have washed and put away. In some areas, the health department may have codes and standards that must be met for certain items to be considered properly cleaned. A cleaning company experienced with vacation rentals knows and will ensure your unit meets these codes.

– Trash and Forgotten Items: Guests of vacation rentals often leave behind unused food in the kitchen, leave behind trash or recycling, forget items in bedrooms or bathrooms and leave dishes or other items on tables and nightstands. Your vacation rental cleaning company will remove forgotten items, all food, personal items, trash and recycling to reset your property back to top condition.

– Hair: Perhaps one of the top complaints on any review site (aside from bugs) is finding hair from previous guests. Common places hair collects in vacation rentals includes drains, inside drawers, on linens and curtains, on floors and in corners, shelves, pillows and headboards.

Your vacation rental cleaning service will also be able to alert you to anything that has been broken or damaged by previous guests, signs of bugs, wear and tear to furnishings and other upkeep issues essential to keeping your property in rental mode. Cleaning services for vacation rentals should also restock supplies between guests and set out a fresh welcome packet with extra keys so your property is prepped and ready for the next guest.  Having a background in vacation rentals and real estate, The Clean Up Club owner, Carina Furr, is uniquely qualified to understand your vacation rental cleaning needs from Surfside Beach to Pawleys Island.

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