Top Things a Professional Cleaning Service Isn’t Allowed to Clean

Top Things a Professional Cleaning Service Isn’t Allowed to Clean

Did you know there are things a regular residential cleaning service can’t clean? That’s right. There are things a regular cleaning service isn’t allowed to touch. In most cases, this is either for your protection or theirs. Let’s take a look at some of the things a professional cleaning service isn’t allowed to clean.

1. High or hard to reach areas – A professional cleaning service is limited to what they can reach with a two-step stool (by insurance). So that chandelier in your foyer, the windows in your vaulted ceiling and the tops of very tall cabinets will be off limits.

2. Large amounts of mold – Here in the south, mold is just a normal part of life. The normal mold that builds up in bathrooms and in toilets is normal. However, if you have a more extensive mold problem that needs professional remediation, you’ll have to call a mold remediation company for that. This is especially true of dangerous black mold. Professional cleaners don’t have the training or proper gear to handle a major mold issue.

3. Bug-infested households – Whether roaches or fleas or something else, bug-infested households are on the no list for professional cleaners. Again, they don’t have the proper gear and there is also a risk they could carry pests from house to house, leading to infestations in other households. If they walk in and see signs of an infestation, they have to walk out immediately.

4. Bodily fluids – Bodily fluids require special biohazard gear and special handling precautions. So things like blood or even your dog’s urine or excrement are off limits for professional cleaners. If you have a large area of blood or bodily fluid that needs cleaning following an accident, there are specialty cleaners trained to handle biohazardous materials, but your average cleaner is not trained for this.

5. Carpet cleaning beyond vacuuming and spot cleaning – If your carpet needs to be shampooed or steam cleaned, you’ll need to call a company that specializes in carpet cleaning. Professional cleaners can vacuum and spot clean, but they don’t have the equipment or training to perform full room carpet deep cleaning.

6. Antiques, heirlooms or specialty items – This is especially true if the items are fragile, breakable or very old. Many antiques require special treatment to be cleaned properly or restored to their original condition. Your regular cleaning service doesn’t have that expertise or carry insurance for those kinds of items.

7. Limited-edition books or rare/expensive books – Similar to antiques, rare and limited-edition books often require gloves and special handling to protect them from damage. Your regular cleaning service doesn’t have this level of expertise with old or rare books.

8. Damage from flood or fire – Cleaning services are not properly equipped or trained for the specialty cleanup required after a flood or fire in your home. You’ll need a fire and water restoration company to help with this issue.

In most cases, the guidelines on what home cleaning services cannot clean are there to protect the workers or to protect you and your property. By knowing what cleaning services aren’t allowed to clean, you’ll know which things you’ll have to hire a separate service for and avoid disappointment.

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