Top Cleaning Tools to Make Your Clean Faster and Easier

Top Cleaning Tools to Make Your Clean Faster and Easier

When you have the right tools, cleaning can be faster and easier than ever. Here are the tools you’ll want in your cleaning tool box to help you get your clean done quick.


1. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers – While this tool has been out for a while, there is still nothing quite like it for cleaning scuff marks off walls and tackling tough tub stains and soap scum.

2. Drill Brush Power Scrubbers – This tool consists of a set of scrubbing brush heads that work with your regular cordless drill. These nylon brushes clean deep but don’t scratch fiberglass, tubs, porcelain, tile, showers, sinks, shower doors, door tracks, baseboards and grout.

3. Squeegee – Another classic tool, this one is perfect for keeping mirrors and glass shower doors squeaky clean and dry.

4. OXO Good Grips Deep Clean Brush Set – A set of two brushes, the larger is great for grout and scrubbing larger areas. The smaller brush is great around fixtures and tight areas. The smaller one also has a special wiper blade that cleans small crevices and even drain openings.

5. Drain Snake (brands include Zip-It, Vastar Drain Snake and others) – This tool is a long, flat and flexible strip of plastic with barbs or “teeth” along each side. When you have a slow moving drain and need to clean it up, this is the tool that gets the job done. Hair and soap builds up inside your drain over time and can slow down waterflow. Work the snake down into the drain and twist it slightly as you slowly pull it out along with all the hair and muck that was gunking up your drains.

6. TubShroom – This tool is a flexible plastic drain piece that prevents hair and other debris from going down your drain in the first place. The TubShroom catches the hair and you simply pull it out after a shower or bath and remove the collected hair.

7. House Again Microfiber Cleaning and Buffing Cloths – These double-sided super absorbent cleaning and buffing microfiber cloths are great for any cleaning task from cleaning down wet surfaces to dusting around the house.

8. Pumice Cleaning Stone (Fine Grit) – This fine grit pumice stone comes with a super strong handle to help you clean a variety of surfaces safely and without scratching. Clean your toilet, tubs, sinks, tile, pool tile, porcelain, stone and steel. This tool gives you a pristine clean while removing stains, calcium, lime, rust and hard water stains.

When you think of making your cleaning faster and easier, you likely think of the cleaning solutions themselves. These cleaning tools help you make quick work of almost any cleaning job on your list.

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