Top Cleaning Tips to Avoid Attracting Mice

Top Cleaning Tips to Avoid Attracting Mice

It’s fall and that means that pests like mice are looking for warm places to spend the winter. Did you know that the way you clean your home (or don’t) can have a big impact on whether mice are attracted to your home? Let’s check out the top cleaning tips to avoid attracting mice!

1. Keep up with the laundry – Laundry can be attractive to mice because they can chew away fabric to create a nest. Whether your clothes are clean or dirty, it’s best to keep up with the laundry. Hang up or put away clean clothes immediately and don’t let dirty clothes build up. Also avoid letting clothes collect in piles on your floor or furniture.

2. Clean up food debris immediately – When you have crumbs or food spill on the floor, stove or countertop, clean it up immediately. Leaving food crumbs behind gives mice the food source they’re looking for.

3. Wash dishes right away – Avoid piling up dishes in the sink or soaking them in the sink overnight. Mice can be attracted to the food debris on dirty dishes. Rinse and pop dishes into the dishwasher right away. If you have to soak a dish, an hour or so is usually more than enough time to loosen stuck-on food.

4. Mouse-proof your pantry – Food crumbs, boxed food and bagged food are all going to attract mice to your pantry. Store food in air-tight containers to keep mice away and clean up any food crumbs that have shifted loose from boxes or bags. Pay special attention to food in plastic bags as they are no match for a hungry mouse.

5. Take out that stinky trash – Take your trash out frequently or every day, if possible. Food scraps in the trash will attract mice. Just like in your pantry, plastic bags do not keep mice away from a potential food source.

6. Organize with plastic bins – If you have stored items in your attic, garage or basement, make sure you store them in plastic bins. Cardboard boxes are attractive to mice. Keep your stored items organized in sealed plastic bins to keep the mice away.

7. Clean your floors Clean your floors often to ensure you aren’t leaving food debris laying around to attract mice. Clean your floors thoroughly at least once per week and clean up any food crumbs or debris immediately.

8. Pick up Fido and Fluffy’s food – As part of the “don’t leave food laying around” adage, don’t leave your dog or cat’s food out overnight either. It can attract mice, ants and other pests into your home. And never ever leave pet food outside or you’ll be leaving out a welcome mat for mice.

This is the time of year when mice look for homes to spend the winter in. Don’t let your home be one of their choices! Mouse-proof your home with these top cleaning tips to avoid attracting mice! If you do end up with an infestation of mice or any other pest, call our partners at The Pest Force to help rid your home of unwanted critters. And don’t forget, if you need help keeping your home clean, call The Clean Up Club and we’ll clean it up!

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