Top 7 Summer Clean Up Tips and Tricks

Top 7 Summer Clean Up Tips and Tricks

When you think of summer, you probably think of fun in the sun and lazy days at the beach. However, summertime brings up some unique cleaning needs that you might not be thinking of. Here are the top 7 summer clean up tips and tricks.

1. Ceiling fan clean up –

Ceiling fans get a lot of use in the summer, and they build up dust quickly. To keep ceiling fan dust contained when you clean, use a pillowcase. Put the pillowcase on the fan blade and then slide the dust off the top with one side of the pillowcase. The dirt and dust will be caught inside the pillowcase. Then you can dump dust out into the garbage and launder as usual.

2. Quick floor clean up –

Summertime around here means time at the beach. No matter how well you rinse off or dust off, you’ll still end up tracking sand into the house. When it comes to sand on your floor, carpet or rugs, your vacuum is your best friend. It will take care of that sand faster and with less effort than a broom.

3. Stinky trash clean up –

Summer temperatures mean stinky yucky trash. Wash inside the trash can once a week using 1/4 cup of bleach, a few cups of hot water and a few drops of dish soap. After dumping, wipe dry with a paper towel and then put some old newspapers in the bottom with some baking soda to soak up leaks and keep odors at bay.

4. Mildew clean up –

Summer heat and humidity can equal more mildew in your life. Use your exhaust fan religiously during showers and open the bathroom door afterward to let the moisture dissipate out. For even better mildew control, wipe down the inside of the shower with a microfiber cloth after showers.

5. Outdoor furniture clean up –

Use the hose to dislodge any big dirt and debris. Next wipe furniture down with warm water and dish soap. Easy peasy!

6. Pool toy clean up –

Pool toys can get grimy fast. Keep them clean with a spray of one part vinegar to three parts water. Spray liberally and then wipe them down. Break out the scrub brush for stubborn grime or soak in the water and vinegar mixture overnight to dislodge dirt and rinse well in the morning.

7. Grill clean up –

Degrease your grill simply and safely using apple cider vinegar and crumpled up balls of aluminum foil. The vinegar breaks up the grease and dissolves it away and the foil provides the abrasion needed to break off and break down stuck on food. Wipe grill grates down with warm water after cleaning.

Summertime comes with lots of fun but also some cleaning challenges that we don’t experience as much the rest of the year. Follow these tips and tricks to keep your home and outdoor spaces feeling and smelling clean! Need help with your regular old cleaning list? We have you covered! Call The Clean Up Club and we’ll help you clean it up!

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