Tips to Keep Fall and Holiday Home Décor Items Organized

Tips to Keep Fall and Holiday Home Décor Items Organized

The holiday season is here with Halloween just around the corner. In fact, you likely already have your Halloween decorations on display. With three major holidays in three months, decorating and putting away decorations can seem like a chore. We’ve constructed this handy list of Tips to Keep Fall and Holiday Home Décor Items Organized. Organization is key to making decorating and putting away decorations a breeze.

1. Separate décor by holiday and store in clear plastic storage bins. Make sure to label them by holiday and even a list of what’s inside will help you find the décor items you need quickly and easily.

2. Utilize hanging door storage for items like wrapping paper, tissue paper, gift bags and bows so they are easily accessible throughout the holiday season. Then simply store them away in a labeled container when the holiday is over.

3. Protect larger items with clear garment bags. For example, hang wreaths on a clothes hanger and cover with a clear plastic garment bag tied at the bottom to help wreaths keep their shape while in storage.

4. Wrap décor items like garland and lights around pieces of cardboard to keep them from ending up in a tangled mess. This makes it easier to store and easier to put up lights or garland the following year.

5. Store small décor such as figurines or small tree ornaments in empty egg cartons. This will help protect items while they are stored away and keep them organized and easy to find.

6. Use toilet paper tubes to organize wires and electrical cords for lighted holiday décor items such as electric candles, holiday trains and more.

7. Declutter every time you take down and put away décor items for any holiday. If it’s old, broken, no longer works or just isn’t your style anymore, donate it or throw it away (if broken or no longer works).

8. We’ll say this again because it’s so important – label everything! The more details about what is in each storage bin and for what holiday makes it easier for you to find the décor items you need quickly and efficiently when it comes time to decorate.

9. Store holiday pillows and blankets in air-tight containers or space saving vacuum bags to keep them fresh until next year.

10. Make your tree easier. If you have an artificial tree, store it already put together with lights and garland already on it. Cover with a large bag and seal around the bottom or even wrap the tree with furniture wrap (like is used for protecting furniture during a move). This way, you only need to unwrap and hang ornaments next year and your tree is ready in no time.

Organizing your fall and holiday décor saves you tons of time and can help you switch from holiday to holiday faster and easier during this part of the year with three big holidays back-to-back. The easier it is to get out and put away décor, the less time you’ll spend decorating and the more time you can spend enjoying this time with your family.

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