Tidying Tips for Naturally Messy People

Tidying Tips for Naturally Messy People

Keeping your home tidy can be tiresome, especially if you have kids. There’s no shame in being a naturally messy person. It just means your capacity for organizing and keeping things where they belong is lower than someone who is naturally tidy. Let’s explore some Tidying Tips for Naturally Messy People to combat that messy tendency and help you tidy up in a way that works for you.

1. Get rid of stuff. The less you own, the easier it is to keep things tidy. The more clutter you have, the harder of a time it will be to keep your home tidy. So help yourself out by owning less stuff.

2. Tidy in small increments. Try five minutes a couple of times each day. The goal is to create a new habit, which won’t happen if you feel overwhelmed.

3. Set a timer. Set that timer for five minutes and challenge yourself to tidy as much as possible before the bell goes off. Having an end in sight prevents overwhelm and combats procrastination.

4. Create an order for your tidying. Start with the quick wins first, like making the bed. Put the faster tasks first so you can gain momentum for the bigger tasks.

5. Don’t try to tidy and clean at the same time. Tidying is putting things where they belong (even if they belong in the trash), period. Cleaning is a whole other habit to tackle. Let’s stick to tidying for now.

6. Invite someone over. Okay, so this tip is stressful and not good for use as a long term strategy. Use this one when you really need to do some tidying but can’t find the motivation. Knowing someone is coming over will kick your tidying into high gear.

7. Get everyone in the house involved. Everyone. Even the littles can help tidy up their toys, shoes, coats and clothes.

8. Make a game of it. Whether it’s a game you’re playing against the clock or against your significant other, making a game of it helps relieve the overwhelm most naturally messy people feel when it comes to tidying up.

9. Play your favorite music and dance it out. No one said tidying up had to be boring and serious. Put some fun into it and the time spent tidying up will fly by.

10. Take before and after photos for inspiration. Looking at your before and after can help you see just how much you’ve accomplished and might even inspire you to do more!

Lastly, have a professional cleaning company handle the cleaning side of the equation. For naturally messy people, tidying up can be exhausting enough. Let someone else do the heavy lifting on the cleaning while you focus on these tidying tips for naturally messy people. When you’re ready for that cleaning, call The Clean Up Club and let them clean it up!

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