The Ultimate Fall Deep Cleaning Checklist

The Ultimate Fall Deep Cleaning Checklist

Fall is an important time to do a good deep clean. It’s the time when most people are transitioning to spending more time indoors instead of outdoors. It’s also great to prepare your home for guests that will be coming for the holidays. Doing a deep clean now gets your home in tip-top shape and you’ll only have to spot clean and touch up to keep everything looking sparkling clean.

All Rooms

  • Wash windows, window sills and grooves in and around windows
  • Clean washer and dryer inside and out
  • Clean door fronts, door knobs and light switches
  • Dust tops of doors and door frames
  • Check and replace smoke detector and CO2 detector batteries
  • Clean baseboards
  • Condition leather furniture
  • Vacuum upholstered furniture, underneath it and underneath furniture cushions
  • Change your HVAC air filter
  • Dust pictures, artwork and tops of picture frames
  • Wash curtains or have dry cleaned
  • Remove and wash window screens
  • Clean ceiling fans and switch direction of operation

Kitchen and Bathrooms

  • Seal and polish granite countertops
  • Clean kitchen and bathroom cabinets
  • Clean grout in the bathroom and kitchen
  • Clean inside, underneath and behind refrigerator (including refrigerator coils)
  • Clean inside the dishwasher
  • Clean inside the oven
  • Wash and disinfect all the garbage cans

Living Areas

  • Polish all wood furniture
  • Wash artificial plants, dust leaves of live plants
  • Dust bookshelves and tops of books
  • Wipe down screens (computer, TVs, monitors)
  • Clean all keyboards and remote controls
  • Spot clean rugs or carpets
  • Clean floors under rugs
  • Clean underneath furniture

Bedrooms and Closets

  • Vacuum and flip mattresses
  • Put cold weather linens on beds
  • Refresh bedding that isn’t cleaned regularly (comforters, pillows)
  • Switch out seasonal clothes

Whew! There is your ultimate fall deep cleaning checklist! It’s a lot of cleaning so if you need help with your deep clean, call The Clean Up Club and we can help you clean it up!




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