The Gift of Cleaning

The Gift of Cleaning

Give someone you care about the gift of a clean home. Whether it’s a one-time cleaning or an on-going cleaning service, the gift of clean is a gift anyone can appreciate. On a typical day, 83% of women spend an average of 2.6 hours on cleaning, cooking and lawn care. That’s a ton of time each day! Why give the gift of cleaning? Well, we have a few reasons to share with you.

1. One size fits all – No guessing sizes or worrying about gift receipts and exchanges! The gift of a clean home is a one fits all solution for your gift giving needs.

2. You get the credit without breaking a sweat – If you were offering to do the cleaning yourself, it would be a real pain. When you give the gift of clean from the pros, they tackle the job faster and more thoroughly than a single person can manage.

3. They can use it anytime – They can use your gift of cleaning when they need it most, such as when they’re really too busy to clean or if they have guests coming to town. Anyone can appreciate a pre-guest clean up.

4. You’re also giving the gift of time – Less time spent cleaning means more time spent with their loved ones or more time to spend on themselves. Eliminating the cleaning from their to-do list gives them precious time.

5. Everyone loves a clean house – Everybody loves a clean house. Your gift of cleaning gives them the clean house without the work, sweat and time.

6. It never goes out of style – The gift of cleaning never goes out of style. It’s timeless and so appreciated by the busy folks in your life.


So, who do you know who would appreciate the gift of cleaning? How about your parents or in-laws? Think of the busy moms and dads in your life and how much they could use a professional cleaning. You can give the gift of cleaning as a housewarming present that they can use on their new home or for a move-out clean on their old place. How many overworked professionals do you know? They can use the gift of cleaning too! There are plenty of reasons to give the gift of cleaning and plenty of people you can give that gift to. When you’re ready to gift someone with a clean home, call The Clean Up Club and we’ll clean it up!

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