Quick Cleaning Tips to Get Your Kitchen Sparkling Fast

Quick Cleaning Tips to Get Your Kitchen Sparkling Fast

Of all the rooms in your house, the kitchen is the one that gets used the most. So, it’s the one room that needs attention and cleaning every single day. You don’t have to do a deep clean every day to keep your kitchen sparkling. A quick wipe down goes a long way. Here are the quick cleaning tips to get your kitchen sparkling fast – like in 15 minutes or less fast!

Follow these steps in order to make the most of your quick clean up:
1. Scrape debris from dishes into trash or disposal.
2. Run a sink full of hot soapy water.
3. Place dishes that need soaking in the water first, followed by dishes that need less soaking time.
4. While dishes are soaking, collect trash from counters, floors, cupboards and fridge and toss in the trash bin.
5. Gather items that don’t belong in the kitchen and place in a basket. Then place the basket outside of the kitchen.
6. Put away items that do belong in the kitchen but just aren’t in the right place.
7. Load dishwasher. Scrub dishes that need a quick scrub with a handled scrubber and wash any dishes by hand that don’t go or fit in the dishwasher.
8. Wipe down counters, appliances and sink – this is just a quick wipe down, not a deep scrub down.
9. Take out the trash.
10. You’re done! Admire your clean kitchen!

Of course, moving quickly is part of the deal when you’re trying to clean down your kitchen fast or in 15 minutes or less. To make this time go even faster, here are some more tips you can use!

1. Train your family to scrape and rinse their dishes immediately after use and place into the dishwasher. Less dishes to clean means less time spent cleaning your kitchen.
2. Run a sink full of hot soapy water before you begin food prep. Then you can wash down utensils, measuring cups and other items while you cook so there is less to clean up after the meal.
3. Enlist family members to help in the clean-up. Many hands make light work! Assign each family member a different item or two from the list and watch your kitchen cleaning time get even shorter!

You don’t have to spend hours a day cleaning the kitchen. These quick cleaning tips to get your kitchen sparkling fast will have you in and out of the kitchen in 15 minutes or less. Getting your family in on the cleaning action also helps the time spent cleaning go down. And when you’re ready for that deep scrub down cleaning of your kitchen and your home, call The Clean Up Club and we’ll clean it up!

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