National Clean Up Day & Serving Our Local Community

National Clean Up Day & Serving Our Local Community

Every year, the third Saturday of September is designated as National Clean Up Day. This year, National Clean Up Day fell on September 15th, as the Grand Strand and NC/SC coastal regions prepared for hurricane Florence.  The national day was founded, though, to raise awareness about the importance of everyone uniting to keep our communities and outdoor open spaces clean and litter-free.

We often talk about the importance of keeping the inside of your home clean. It’s also important for everyone to do their part to keep our outdoor spaces and communities clean as well. If everyone simply picked up one piece of trash or litter every day, how much of a difference would that united effort make? To take part in keeping our outdoor life as clean as our indoor life, keep an eye out for trash or litter you can pick up whenever you visit any shared outdoor space such as parks, trails, beaches, roadsides and boardwalks. Working together, we can all help keep litter where it belongs – in the recycling or trash bins. You don’t have to wait for National Clean Up Day to get started though!

Participating in National Clean Up Day – And All Year Long

When you participate in National Clean Up Day, you are showing your community, friends and neighbors that you are committed to living in a clean and beautiful environment without unpleasant and unsightly litter. A number of corporations, civic organizations, parks and recreation departments, private citizens and community organizations join forces on National Clean Up Day and other days throughout the year to freshen up and give our local landscapes and beaches a clean sweep. Find out more or find a group to join up with in your area by visiting https://www.nationalcleanupday.org/

Encourage your friends in your community, in the United States, and around the globe to join you and participate in national Clean Up Day each year, as well as a planned “local clean up day,” and use special hashtags on social media to promote it. Uniting together, we can keep our local outdoor spaces, national outdoor spaces and outdoor spaces around the world cleaner and healthier.

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