Lazy Days Cleaning Tips

Lazy Days Cleaning Tips

The lazy days of summer are here. The days where the heat and humidity sap your energy for doing anything that requires effort, including cleaning. Well, we have some lazy days cleaning tips that will help you keep your house tidy, even when the summer heat has you sapped.

1. Hang clothes instead of folding them. Cut laundry time in half by hanging up clothes and avoiding folding.

2. Keep blinds from getting dusty. Clean blinds with a damp dryer sheet. You’ll clean the immediate dust and help repel dust in the future for less dusty blinds.

3. Use air fresheners. Homes that smell cleaner, feel cleaner.

4. Create extra storage space. Use storage ottomans and seating cubes with extra storage to stow clutter out of the way and make your house look cleaner.

5. Keep cleaning supplies handy. When supplies are within reach, it’s faster and easier to use them.

6. Use rubber gloves to easily remove pet hair. Simply slip the gloves on and run your hand over furniture to collect pet hair and toss in the trash.

7. Time yourself. Take a cue from productivity timers and set a timer for your cleaning. Start with 10 or 20 minutes. When the timer goes off, you’re more likely to have momentum going to keep cleaning.

8. Don’t strive for perfection. Your house doesn’t have to be perfect!

9. Enlist some help. Have a friend come over for a short cleaning blitz followed by a relaxing glass of wine. You’ll get more done and get quality time with your friend.

10. Clean messes as they happen. Don’t let messes build up. Clean them up as they happen and keep ahead of the mess.

Summer days are often too hot and humid to get much done. That doesn’t mean you have to live with a dirty, messy house. Follow these lazy day cleaning tips to keep your house looking tidy, even on those less than energetic days. And if you need some more help, call The Clean Up Club and we’ll help you clean it up!

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