How to Clean Kitchen Cabinets?

How to Clean Kitchen Cabinets?

Is there a cleaning chore you tend to put off and put off? Is it cleaning the kitchen cabinets? Many people procrastinate on cleaning kitchen cabinets or simply don’t know what to use to clean the different types of cabinets. While it’s true that different types of cabinet finishes have different cleaning requirements, none are hard to manage when you know the right solution for the job!


Stained Wood Cabinets

The most time consuming are stained wood cabinets because you have to clean them first and then oil them to maintain their finish. It’s best to do this at least once per year but it’s better if you do it every six months. Start by creating your cleaning solution. You’ll want to start with a few drops of dish soap, then make a solution that is 7/8 white distilled vinegar and 1/8 rubbing alcohol. For easy application, you can put the solution into a squirt bottle. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe the solution off the cabinets and then rinse thoroughly with a separate microfiber cloth and warm water. Your final step after cabinets are dry is to polish them with a furniture oil containing beeswax to seal the finish.


White and Black Cabinets

Both white and black cabinets show every speck of dirt and dust they pick up. For these types of cabinets, it’s best to wipe them down weekly with a microfiber cloth dampened with warm water.


Painted Cabinets

For painted cabinets, you want to avoid harsh cleaners and chemicals because they can strip the paint or cause bubbling and chipping. To clean painted cabinets, fill a spray bottle with just distilled white vinegar (no rubbing alcohol in this one) and add a few drops of dish soap. Close the spray bottle and shake well. Spray the solution on the cabinets and wipe away with a clean damp microfiber cloth, following along with a dry microfiber cloth to prevent any streaks or spots.


Laminate Cabinets

If you have laminate cabinets, wiping them down once per week with a warm, damp microfiber cloth should be enough to keep them looking great. However, if you need a deep clean to remove stuck on food or grime, use the same solution you would for stained wood cabinets and wipe clean with a warm and damp microfiber cloth. We’re using microfiber cloths in all of these cleaning scenarios because they are the best for preventing water spots and streaks.

It’s also recommended that you remove your knobs and pulls to give them a deep clean and clean well around their holes in the cabinets to avoid build up of grime and grease.

Did you find that most types of cabinets are easier to keep clean than you thought? For many types, a quick weekly wipe down is enough to keep them looking fresh and new. When you have to put in a little more work, the payoff is worth it with beautifully clean cabinets.

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