Have You Cleaned Your Appliances Lately?

Have You Cleaned Your Appliances Lately?

Did you know that even appliances used to clean things, such as your dishwasher and clothes washer need to be cleaned periodically themselves? When is the last time you have cleaned your appliances? If it has been a while, read on for more details on what to clean and how often.

Dishwasher – Check and clean the drain in the bottom of the machine at least weekly to remove debris that has collected in the machine. Wipe down gaskets and door seals to keep everything sealing up tightly. Once per week, put a bowl of white vinegar on the top rack and run an empty cycle on the hottest setting. This will help disinfect and deodorize your dishwasher.

Washing Machine – Your washing machine’s job might be to wash other items but if you don’t wash your washing machine periodically, it can spread viruses and even fecal bacteria like E. coli between loads and also spread these nasties to your dryer – YUCK! At least once per week, run an empty cycle on the hottest setting and pour in one cup of bleach. This will keep your washing machine germ-free and smelling fresh.

Microwave – Your microwave can be a hotbed for germs! Food splatters are an invitation for growing microbes. Wipe down the handle with a disinfectant wipe daily. Once per week, fill a bowl with water and either 1 cup of white vinegar or a cut up lemon and boil the mixture for three to five minutes. Then let the steam work to dislodge stuck on gunk for a few minutes and wipe clean.

Stove – The stove is another place where food splatters provide a hospitable place for germs to grow and thrive. Wipe down the stove top after every use with an all-purpose cleaner and microfiber cloth. The oven should be cleaned inside at least once every three months.

Refrigerator – The fridge is another place where germs congregate. Clean the handles and seals daily with a disinfecting wipe. The inside should be cleaned and sanitized at least once per week. Many foods stored in the fridge can harbor listeria, a germ that can make you and your loved ones very sick. Listeria thrives in fridge temperatures and so does mold, another nasty you want to avoid in your fridge. Use a solution of half vinegar and half water to clean your fridge every week and make sure to clean up any spills immediately.

Coffee Maker – Your coffee maker can become clogged with minerals from your water. To rid your machine of these mineral deposits, run a solution of two parts water to one part vinegar through the coffee maker (be sure to include a coffee filter to catch debris. Afterward, run two full cycles of fresh water through the machine to avoid any lingering vinegar taste.

So, have you cleaned your appliances lately? If not, you could be harboring dangerous germs and viruses in your appliances that could make you or your family sick. Be sure to clean your appliances regularly to avoid spreading germs to people, clothing and other items. If you need help giving your appliances or your home a good deep clean, call the Clean Up Club!

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