Dust Prevention: Top 5 Ways to Keep a Dust “Less” House

Dust Prevention: Top 5 Ways to Keep a Dust “Less” House

Dust is more than just a chore on your cleaning list. Dust can aggravate allergies and asthma or even trigger attacks, as can dust mites. The particles that make up household dust come from dead skin cells, plant pollen, pet dander, fibers from clothes and dirt from outside that travels indoors on our shoes or clothes–yuck!  Here are 5 ways for preventing dust so less builds up in your home.

#1 – Skip the carpeting – There are a few reasons for the trend of hardwood, tile, and laminate floors–a big one is dust and dust mites. Carpeting is a magnet for dust particles and dust mites as well. Even vacuuming every day of the week doesn’t reduce the dust attraction of carpeted floors.

#2 – Ditch the duster – Feather dusters don’t remove dust. Dusters stir up dust–making it temporarily airborne where you can end up breathing it in before it resettles on other surfaces. A better option is a damp cloth or wipe designed to attract and trap dust instead of just redistributing it.

#3 – Start from the top – Dust items from highest height and work down to floor level. The top-down approach allows you to capture any dust that has sifted down to a lower surface.

#4 – Clear out the clutter – Clutter is a dust hide-away. Piles of magazines, books, toys and other items provide creases and cracks for dust to hide in, no matter what you clean along the edges with.

#5 – Clean up your air – Investing in an air purifier, actually one per room is ideal, can be a big help in capturing dust and other allergy and asthma-triggering particles. Just make sure to clean the filters frequently and remember that dust mites are not airborne and can still build up on furniture, rugs, and bedding.

While it might be impossible to have a completely dust-free home, there are ways have a dust “less” one. The key is to more efficiently remove dust and avoid redistributing it so you can dust less frequently.  Of course, dust is not 100% preventable, and The Clean Up Club is always here to shimmer and shine your house divine!

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