Cleaning Tip: Pair Up Your Cleaning Tasks

Cleaning Tip: Pair Up Your Cleaning Tasks

Some things just go well together like peanut butter and jelly or cookies and milk. Did you know there are cleaning tasks that go better together too? Pairing up certain cleaning tasks can save you time and energy as well as avoid the need for rework a short time later. Let’s see what cleaning pairs are just meant to go together.

Cleaning out the fridge + Taking out the trash – Doing these tasks together keeps your fridge cleared of expired food before it turns into a science experiment and gets it out of the house before it can turn into smelly trash. Few things smell worse than rotting food. Keep that smell out of your fridge and home by pairing up these two cleaning tasks.

Clean your toothbrush holder and soap dish + Running the dishwasher – Your toothbrush holder can build up serious germs and so can your soap dish. When you run your dishwasher, grab your soap dish and toothbrush holder and pop them on the top shelf for a good deep clean along with your dishes. If your soap dish and toothbrush holder are made from a material other than ceramic or metal, check to make sure they’re dishwasher safe first.

Dusting + Vacuuming/Sweeping – Dusting and vacuuming have long been associated with each other but many people argue about which order to do them in. When cleaning, work from the ceiling to the floor, leaving floors for last. This means you dust first then sweep or vacuum, avoiding the need to redo work. If you do your floors first, when you dust, you’ll just redeposit dirt and debris back onto the just-cleaned floors. Yuck!

Clean shower curtain liner + Wash old towels and rags – When you are ready to run a load of your old towels and cleaning rags, toss your shower curtain liner in with the load. The towels will help scrub the shower curtain liner and you can just hang it up after the wash – clean and mildew-free.

Vacuum bed + Washing bedding/linens – After you toss your bedding and linens in the wash, sprinkle some baking soda around on the bed and let sit. When you switch the linens from the washer to the dryer, use the vacuum attachment to vacuum up the baking soda. You’ll have a freshly deodorized mattress to put your clean bedding on.

Pairing up your cleaning tasks just makes sense– especially when pairing up tasks saves you time and energy. We hope these pair-up tips help your cleaning list go faster and easier.  And, if cleaning at all has you a little too stressed, give us a call at the Clean Up Club!  We are here to help!

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