Cleaning Resolutions You Will Actually Keep in 2018

Cleaning Resolutions You Will Actually Keep in 2018

No need to wait for spring to develop some new cleaning habits that make your life easier and keep your home cleaner. Whether you have official cleaning resolutions in mind for this year or just a general goal, such as keeping the dishes caught up, we’ve got a list of cleaning resolutions you will actually keep in 2018. Here’s to a cleaner new year!

1. Choose a specific day each week to sort through the refrigerator. Toss those leftovers that got shoved into the back and forgotten, move items that have migrated from their normal space back where they belong, toss any condiments that have expired or appear spoiled and finish with a quick wipe-down of the fridge – including door handles (it is flu season, after all).

2. Use drawer organizers in kitchen and bathroom drawers. If finding what you need in your drawers is a bit too much like a treasure hunt, drawer organizers help you create a designated space for everything. Finding what you need will be faster and easier – with no digging or hunting needed.

3. Simplify and declutter closets. A good, ruthless closet purge to clear out and donate anything you haven’t worn for a year or more (yes, shoes included) creates space for you to organize the things you do wear and make getting ready faster and easier. You can organize by type of item or for an even faster morning routine, organize into sets of outfits you wear frequently and easily grab your entire ensemble without sorting for each piece of clothing.

4. Invest in an air purifier. Air purifiers remove dust, bacteria, pet dander, allergens and dirt particles from the air in your home. Not only does an air purifier help you breathe cleaner but also cuts down on the dust and grime that settles on surfaces in your home, keeping it cleaner for longer.

5. Invest in a vacuum with a HEPA filter. Similar to an air purifier, a vacuum with a HEPA filter catches dirt, dust, pollen, dander, mites and other grime when you vacuum. This keeps your carpets and rugs cleaner but also prevents normal activities like walking through a room from stirring up grime that can resettle on surfaces.

6. Properly equip each floor and room for being clean. Make sure every room has a waste basket to avoid build-up of trash throughout the house. Also, if your home has more than one floor, have a complete set of cleaning supplies and tools on each floor (don’t forget the basement). Having a set of cleaning supplies handy on each floor eliminates the hassle (and procrastination) of lugging a bucket of cleaning supplies up and down flights of stairs.

7. Institute a nightly walk-through. Every evening, walk through the home to take care of quick cleaning and organizing tasks that would otherwise build up. Get the kids involved to help them build good cleaning habits too. Pop dirty dishes into the dishwasher, toss newspapers and junk mail in the recycling bin, hang up coats and towels, set up back-packs for morning and compile trash from the wastebaskets in each room into one bag. A nightly walk-through not only takes care of the day’s messes but waking up to an organized home makes morning routines far less stressful.

Life is busy! Our handy list of cleaning resolutions are so simple and practical, they’re easy to stick to and will help you make 2018 your cleanest and most organized year yet. And if your cleaning tasks do build up or you notice it’s time for a good deep cleaning, The Clean Up Club is here to help!

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