Cleaning for Holiday Houseguests

Cleaning for Holiday Houseguests

When you have guests planning to stay with you for the holiday, you want to create a clean and comfortable space for them without wearing yourself out. This starts with knowing what to clean and what to skip. Are your houseguests really going to be investigating your bedroom closet or checking if you’ve cleaned underneath your oven recently? Likely not. So, here is how to clean and prep for guests staying overnight, for the weekend and for a longer stay.

Overnight Guests

For overnight guests, make sure you provide fresh, clean linens and bedding. Provide a set of freshly cleaned towels and do a good cleaning in the bathroom they’ll be using. You can tidy up the kitchen and living areas like you normally would but no need to put in the effort of a deep clean as your overnight guests likely won’t be there long enough to appreciate your cleaning prowess.

Weekend Guests

For guests staying for the holiday weekend, you’ll want to do the same prep work as you did for the overnight guests but also spend a bit more time doing a deeper cleaning of the guest room and guest bathroom. You’ll also want to spend a little extra time on the kitchen and around the seating area where you might be sitting together to watch a movie or the like. Also, be sure the guest bedroom closet is clean and organized with plenty of space and hangers for them to hang a few outfits up.

Longer Stay Guests

Guests staying for longer than a weekend require the most cleaning prep work as they’ll be there long enough to see more of your home. For example, longer stay guests might need to do some laundry while visiting so you’ll want to clean down your laundry room. Here are some other areas that should get a deeper clean: bathrooms, kitchen, guest room and laundry room. In addition, you’ll want to out your vacuum and its set of attachments to use so you can clean baseboards, windowsills, between furniture pieces and other less often cleaned spots. You’ll also want to provide extra towels, pillows and blankets and possibly plan to provide some basic toiletries as well.

Of course, if you don’t have the time or the energy to clean for guests, call The Clean Up Club and we’ll help you clean for your holiday guests. Your guests will be comfortable and impressed with your super clean space and you can take all the credit – we won’t mind!

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