9 Bathroom Cleaning Hacks to Speed Up Your Clean

9 Bathroom Cleaning Hacks to Speed Up Your Clean

Cleaning the bathroom is probably everyone’s least favorite chore. Well, we have a handful of cleaning hacks that can help you clean each part of your bathroom faster and easier than ever before.


1. Vinegar and baking soda – Yes! The universal cleaning pair-up can also speed up your cleaning routine. Remove stains from rust and hair dye and remove soap scum in just a few simple steps. The amount of vinegar and baking soda you’ll need will vary based on the size of your tub and the number of stains you have to treat. You’ll want to combine the two ingredients in a bowl until you have a thick foamy paste. Use a mesh scrubber or steel wool to scrub the entire tub. Apply extra mixture to the stained areas and let sit overnight. In the morning, it just rinses away, stains and all.

2. Dawn dish soap – The old standard blue Dawn dish soap is the star cleaner here. Give the tub a good coating of soap and then use a broom (yes! a broom!) to scrub the tub in swift long strokes, using a little pressure until foamy. Let sit for 5 minutes and then rinse away and check for any missed spots to touch up.

Shower Walls

3. Dawn dish soap and vinegar – Mix equal parts of vinegar and blue Dawn dish soap into a spray bottle. Run the shower for a few minutes on hot to heat up the shower space. Spray to coat the surface of the shower walls evenly with the mixture. Let sit for 5 minutes then use a damp cleaning rag to wipe away.

4. Magic Eraser – Mildew stains are the pits and they can be super stubborn. A simple scrubbing with a Magic Eraser removes mildew stains quickly and easily.

Counter and Sink

5. Dish wand – Fill a dish wand with your favorite grime and grease cutting cleaner. The dish wand makes quick work of scrubbing down your sink and counter. Then simply rinse grime away.

Shining Faucets

6. Vaseline or coconut oil – Want shiny, water-repellent faucet finishes? Use a dab of either vaseline or coconut oil and rub evenly over the surface. Use a dry clean cloth to buff away the vaseline or the oil, leaving a shiny finish behind.


7. Shaving cream – Squirt a little on mirror, spread around and then buff away with a clean and dry cloth. This cleaning hack has the bonus of working as a mirror defogger too.


8. Peroxide – Pour a half a cup of peroxide into the toilet bowl and let sit for 20-30 minutes. Use a toilet brush to scrub and then flush for a brilliant clean.

9. Coca Cola – Pour 1 can of Coca Cola into the toilet bowl and let sit for one hour. Use a toilet brush to scrub away grime and stains and flush clean.

Who knew your least favorite room to clean could be so simple and easy to care for? These cleaning hacks make the bathroom cleaning chores faster and easier than ever and you’ll have the most sparkling and shiny bathroom on the block with minimal effort.


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