5 Tips to Organize Your Cleaning Supplies

5 Tips to Organize Your Cleaning Supplies

Having cleaning supplies organized and handy makes it faster and easier to keep a clean home. When just finding the cleaner you need is a hassle, you’re more likely to leave the mess for later than to spend time searching for the cleaner you need. Here are some organization ideas that are affordable and help keep your clean easy.

Expandable Under Sink Rack
Limited space under the sink? No problem. Snatch up an under sink rack that expands to fit the space for around twenty bucks and you’ll double your storage space in a snap.

Tension Rod
Install a small tension rod under the sink to hang your spray bottles from. This keeps your spray cleaners handy so you can just grab and go.

Plastic Bag Dispenser
Most notably, the plastic bag dispenser by IKEA is a great way to store cleaning cloths, brushes, scrubbers, spray cleaners, gloves and more. And at only $3 each, you can get a few to keep all of your supplies neatly organized.

Shoe Organizer
Hang a clear shoe organizer on the inside of your pantry door (or linen closet door if you don’t have a pantry). The clear plastic pockets allow you to easily see each item and you can store a dozen or more cleaners, sprays, brushes, bottles, scrubbers, cleaning cloths and gloves in just one organizer. You can also use a shoe organizer that hangs on the rod and provides box-like cubbies to store paper towels, cleaning rags, extra toilet paper and other lightweight items.

Rolling Cart
A rolling cart is a great idea for cleaning chores where you need several cleaners or scrubbers or want to bring everything with you from room to room. Store supplies in a rolling cart you can move where you move as you clean your home. Hang hooks on the side for extra storage for brushes, scrubbers and towels.

Keeping your cleaning routine simple and easy is key to keeping up with it. The best way to keep it simple is with good organization so you can find what you need, when you need it in a flash and knock out any cleaning task with ease.

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